Tuesday, April 27, 2010

From winter to summer now back to spring

Hello friends and family. Joel here coming to you from Missoula Montana. This trip has been quite the adventure. As you can see through photographs that California was amazing and soon to come will be Oregon and Washington. I tell you what, you couldn't pick a better place to spend earth day then Olympia Washington. When we arrived there was a earth day parade. Procession of the Species. It was amazing there were so many people and they were all dressed up in crazy costumes. I was jealous, I really wanted to dress up and participate. You will see these photo's as soon as we hit the road and I can edit in the car. We are on our way back east and this is a very good feeling. We will be pushing it harder than ever as the end of this month is creeping up on us and we still have the entire east coast to conquer. We just got another oil change and we are at 8,000 miles into the trip. This tells us that we are about half way according to our 16,000 mile estimate. Keep following and leave us some comments on the photos. It's nice to hear some feedback. Thats it for now. This is Joel Signing Off.

Joel Pearish

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