Monday, April 19, 2010

Moving forward through Cali

Hello friends and family, joel here coming to you from San Francisco CA. Things are going great. We busted out three locations today and I'm definitely looking forward to getting to our campground and taking a shower. I want to thank Naomi for showing us about the best time you can have in Bakersfield CA. I will be uploading some great pictures from our experience there soon. Eric is driving at the moment and we are about to cross the Golden Gate bridge. So far I've only found one city in California that I really enjoyed. Los Osos CA is awesome! Even though we got a flat tire there it was still the most interesting city I've seen in Cali. Every road had a really wide bike lane and there were so many people riding. I think i might just have to move there when the trip is over. I'm hoping to get pictures uploaded tonight and we should be in Sacramento by tomorrow afternoon. Thats all for now. Signing off

Joel Pearish

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