Thursday, April 29, 2010

From mudslides in Idaho to Snowy passes in Wyoming.... Joel

Hello friends and family. This is joel coming to you from Cody Wyoming. What an interesting few days we've had here on the mountain side. We have reached our highest altitude yet at 9,000 feet as we drove the the Grand Teton pass winding through the mountains along side the Snake and Wind rivers. We stayed in a hotel last night in Jackson Hole Wyoming which so happens to be some familiar stomping grounds. I didn't realize it at first but the further we drove into town i realized this was the first place I made the switch from the skis to a snowboard. I think I was 10 or 11 years old at the time. The mountains are beautiful and covered in snow. We've seen a few elk and moose so far. No signs of bears yet! Camping out is always an adventure in the mountains. Woke up in the tent one morning to a very snowy surprise. When we went to sleep there was no snow at all and it was above freezing. By morning it had snowed 6 inches or so. It was an early warm breakfast that morning. All is well and spirits are high. We will be heading for Cedar City Utah tomorrow morning then it's on to Colorado Springs Colorado. Keep following for whats to come. Signing off


Joel Pearish

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